Project School Supplies

Our mission is to improve the quality and access of education for children in the marginalized rural communities of Honduras.

We do this by supplying, repairing and building rural schools, and by reducing the impact of poverty related health problems that impede learning through nutrition, hygiene and health education programs.

In just four years, some of the major accomplishments Project School Supplies has achieved includes:

– Constructed a 6 Room Community Health Clinic

– Built 11 Schools
– Restored and Repaired more than 40 Schools
– Built 2 Bridges
– Built a Regional Library
– Started a Kindermilk Program in 11 Schools
– Helped build a School Chicken Farm
– Developed Medical and Nutritional Programs for many Schools

– Initiated 5 Water Projects with Amigos of Honduras

– Instituted a Sweet Potato Breakfast Program in 7 schools, including 2 School Gardens

– Supplied over 80 Schools with Teaching Materials and School Supplies
– Supplied Emergency Medical Transport and Medical Care to more than 50 Children and Pregnant Women
– Provided more than 20 High School Students with Grants
– Built and Repaired 5 Water Systems to Villages
– Installed more than 20 Banos and Pilas
– Built a School Playground
– Supplied Desks and other needed Furnishings for more than 35 Schools
– Supplied more than 25 Orphans with School Supplies and Uniforms

In all, we have helped almost 80 community schools with some form of repair, aid or construction.

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What Makes Project School Supplies Unique?

We are a truly grassroots organization committed to community development. Especially on school building or renovation project:

      – all materials are sourced locally, providing revenue for local businesses

– all work, apart from an occasional paid foreman, is undertaken voluntarily by the village fathers. Children also participate with painting and decorating projects

Educational materials, supplies, food and powdered milk for Books for Children, Kinder Milk, Christmas Baskets and other programs are also bought locally to ensure support for local businesses.

Here are some examples of schools we have renovated in rural indigenous communities:

Boca del Monte Kinder Before:

Boca del Monte Kinder After:

Rio Amarillo Kinder Before:

Rio Amarillo Kinder After:

La Laguna School Before:

La Laguna School After:

Salitron School Before:

Salitron School After:

Santa Rosita School Before:

Santa Rosita School After:

Read more about the amazing transformations here: Santa Rosita School; Salitron School and La Laguna School

Giovanni and Ellen


Project School Supplies is not a registered non-profit organization in the US or Honduras. This allows us to use our time and energy more directly on serving the communities with as little as possible wasted on administrative costs.

97% of our funds raised go directly toward actual project costs and all labor for building projects is provided voluntarily by villagers.


Thanks to your incredible support, Project School Supplies has evolved into much more than supplying schools with educational materials and building improvements. Here’s what we have achieved together in the past four years:

– Built 10 schools

– Restored more than 50 schools

– Supplied over 80 schools with educational materials

– Replaced 12 school roofs destroyed by hurricanes

– Opened a new kindergarten

– Built a regional library

– Built a playground

– Built 20 pilas and banos (bathrooms and wash facilities) for schools

– Distributed over 150 Christmas Baskets to single parent and orphaned families

– Distributed over 20 beds to children sleeping on dirt floors

– Built a house for 3 orphans living on their own

– Pioneered a high school grant program

– Started a health, hygiene and nutrition program

– Developed a Kinder Milk program which has now expanded to 11 schools

– Assisted more than 50 orphans with school needs to enter or stay in school

– Developed dental health workshops

– Distributed more than 1000 donated toothbrushes

– Set up a shoe and clothing program

– Built three bridges to enable kids to cross rivers during rainy season to get to school

– Helped initiate a chicken farm as part of school curriculum

– Co-worked on projects with 11 different agencies and organizations

– Coordinated with hundreds of volunteers and community members

In just four years we have helped 80 schools, averaging 50 to 125 students in each school, or around 5,000 children.

We have made a huge impact on the lives of thousands of children in Honduras!


Ramirez Children's House


El Chilar Vitimins Boys


Cash donations are also always welcome and in Honduras a little can make huge changes in people’s lives.

      Ellen Finn, Project School Supplies
      c/o Jan Cavitt
      1011 Bancroft Street
      Bellingham, Washington 98225

Donations of books in Spanish, dental hygiene materials, and school supplies are always needed. These can be sent directly to Ellen’s address in Honduras ~ although they may be a bit costly to send.

      Ellen Finn
      Barrio Calvario
      Copan Ruinas

A heartfelt thanks to everyone for your interest, concern and support!



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